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At Sampla we stock over 200 belting types and offer complete fabrication services out of our Buffalo, NY branch. Listed bellow are some of the standard services we offer. If what you are looking for is not listed please contact our knowledgeable staff.

Hi-Frequency Welding- cleats are applied on the cover of the belt using a high frequency welding machine which basically melts the cleat into the cover making it an integral part of the belt. This method eliminates the need for bonding cements and also has superior physical and cosmetic results.

Corrugated sidewall- we can High Frequency sidewall directly on the belts using the process described above. Alternatively we can install the sidewall on a base.

Corrugated Loop Belts- the loop belts are used in applications where it is necessary to absorb and soften the shock of goods being loaded onto the belt, especially when handling products that bruise easily, like tomatoes for example.

Plastic Spiral Lacing- plastic spiral lacing is the ideal joining method for applications where the belts can not be installed endless on the machine and traditional metal lacing can not be used (i.e. microwave drying ovens, metal detector applications …).

Step Splices- depending on the type of belt and application our specialists can recommend either a bias or 90° angle.

Finger Splices- both single finger and double finger can be done either on a bias or 90° angle.

Skived Splices- this method is used primarily on joining non-woven and transmission belts, but can be also used for joining some monofilament and needled products.

Perforations- we can customs perforate the belts according to your needs. The picture illustrates some of our capabilities.

Metal Lacing- allows for quick and easy installation of the belts on the machine. There are many ways to lace a belt, including recessed, hidden and overlap.

Longitudinal Splicing- if the width of the standard belt is less than what is required two or more belts can be longitudinally joined.

V-guides- we can mechanically apply any type of V-guide on belts up to 4500mm wide (177”).

Stitching Endless- it is the preferred joining method for most solid woven belts (i.e. cotton, polyester or Kevlar …). We can also stitch cleats onto the belt.

Edge Capping- We can weld an edge cap to seal the edges. See brochure.

Rolled Edges- We can ply separate the cover at the edges, rolled over and welded to the back to seal the edges. See brochure.

We can also assist you with power turn belts, applying special covers (i.e. Linatex, rubber, foam...) to power transmission belts and with edge capping and edge sealing of conveyor belts.

Our customer service department will gladly advise you on what is the best solution for your application. Please contact us with the details of the problem and the application you have.

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